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We believe that the people best equipped to address the complexities of a disease are the people who live with it every day.  Our unique approach to co-creation is to leverage the creativity and expertise of professionals that have experienced a disease so they can help identify and solve the pressing problems of their community. 

  1.  We provide income for professional experts living with a chronic disease. By providing our professional experts with administrative, legal, and financial support, we ensure a sustainable way for patient experts to work within the boundaries of their diverse social benefits situations. We also help them work with industry in a compliant way, from determining their market value rates to negotiating the terms and conditions with multinational companies.
  2. We adapt to the health-induced needs of our experts. We ensure all the necessary accommodations are in place so that experts can work on projects within the limitations of their conditions. Creating a pool of experts by disease area allows for a continuous stream of meaningful opportunities and lessens the anxiety of having to carry the burden of a project delivery on one’s own.
  3. Our projects are making an impact: Involving patient experts at the start of a project allows them to shape the solution around factors that are most meaningful and will have the most impact on a patient’s everyday life. Whether this is developing digital solutions, creating patient support programs, or patient-reported outcomes, we bring not only personal disease experience, but use the professional skills of our experts to shape the solution around their community’s needs.
  4. We actively recruit professionals within disease states, geographies, ethnicities, and professions that are essential to building solutions. We continuously broaden the diversity of the pool of patient experts available to our clients, allowing a wider diversity of voices and skills, thus ensuring projects are resourced with experts that reflect the broader patient population as accurately as possible.
  5. Our work increases our experts’ expertise and skillsets. Often careers come to a screeching halt or need to be completely rethought when a disease is diagnosed or progresses.  We continuously train our patient experts in whichever competencies are needed to work on the projects at hand, providing them with the opportunity to take their professional skills and expertise to the next level, as well as teach them how to market their knowledge and experience.

Ensuring our work has a positive impact on the lives of the experts we are honored to work with, is thus essential to our success. As the infographic shows, we strive to create this impact for our experts along five dimensions:

As a company, we constantly seek new ways to make a positive impact in the lives of our patient experts. We co-created this report with the help of Mathieu Boudes (Patient Engagement Expert) and it is our aim to update it annually with our progress towards these goals.

We are deeply grateful for our patient experts and clients who are pioneering this new approach to co-creation with us.

Click here to view the infographic as a PDF.

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