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Developing an app, website, disease awareness campaign or other concept for patients? Our “hands on” patient testing panels can help supercharge your project and help you differentiate your solution from competitors.
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How merakoi patient testing panels work

You want to run the tests yourself
You would like us to run the tests for you
If you have User Experience Designers in-house and want to run the patient experience tests yourself, merakoi can provide you with patient testers in over 80 diseases plus key across-disease therapeutic areas like pain and mental health. Even in the do-it-yourself option, we can provide moderators or strategists if you need additional support.
Step 1:
Create your testing plan
To get the best from your testing panel, you’ll need to have clear objectives and key questions to ask your testers, plus materials you can share with patient testers.

While you prepare the plan, we’ll work on getting your patient testing panel contracted and ready to go.
Step 2:
Onboard your patient testers
Now the exciting part begins! You can run the test without sharing materials first, but we find it’s more useful when patients receive a brief or some materials before the test begins.

Share a prototype, working concept, key messages, and a short brief of the project to help them get started.
Step 3:
Run the tests
The patient testers  are now familiar with your project and objectives, so you can run the test in different ways - from surveys, 1:1 interviews, group sessions, or even self guided video or audio feedback.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to gathering feedback from patients!
Step 4:
Analyse results - improve your assets
Once the test is over, you’ll have rich and valuable insights on how to improve your asset. 

Find the synergies and points of alignment, and if needs be, you can always run a smaller test on key points where there is differentiation, before making any changes to your asset.
If testing and validating your solution or concept sounds interesting, but you don’t have the time or resources internally, we can help. 

In addition to our “do it yourself” patient testing panels, we also offer a full or part service option. Our UX specialists and strategists will help you develop the testing plan and set the test up, and experienced moderators will run the tests for you. After the tests, our  strategists will help you align the results to your business objectives and deliver actionable insights to internal stakeholders. 
Step 1:
We co-create the plan with you
A senior strategist will help you define objectives for the project, and develop a discussion guide or survey with key questions to ask your testers. We’ll also align on what materials to share and write a brief for the testing panel. 

While you work with your strategist, our Patient Engagement team will work on getting your patient testing panel contracted and ready to go.
Step 2:
We onboard your patient testers
Now the exciting part begins! Our team will share your asset, concept/prototype or other materials with the testing panel along with a brief with the project background, objectives, and key outcomes we are looking for. We normally use Loom videos to brief patient testers, and  prepare them for the testing sessions. 
Step 3:
We run the tests
We will have aligned with you on the methodology for testing in phase 1, when we co-developed the plan. We can run patient experience testing in different ways - from surveys, 1:1 interviews, group sessions, or even self guided video or audio feedback.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to gathering feedback from patients, and our team has many years of experience in getting the best insights from patient testers.
Step 4:
Analyse the results - create an action plan
Once the test is over, your strategist will synthesize the rich and valuable insights into a report you can present to internal stakeholders.

We will present clear and tangible steps to improve your asset, campaign or content based on diverse feedback from patient testers, and highlight priority areas to focus on.
Meet Chelsea
User Research Designer and 
Pulmonary Hypertension Patient Expert
Involving patients in solution or campaign design provides a two way value exchange - patients feel heard and valued, and your project is enriched by their input and recommendations. In terms of adoption and usage, patient-created assets perform far better than those where patients are not consulted or engaged during the creation process.
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Not ready to test yet, but keen to design your solution with patients?

Even if you’re not at a stage where you are ready to test, you can work with merakoi and our Patient Expert community through Patient Experience Panels, 1:1 with Patient Connect, or by commissioning Patient-Led Market Research.
Patient Experience Panels (PEPs)
Codesign your healthcare solutions with patients
Collaborate directly with our Patient Expert community to co-design and co-create digital solutions, content and assets. Patient Experience Panels bring diverse patient voices together for better outcomes.
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Patient Expert Connect (PEC)
On-demand access to patient thought leaders and content creators
Connect with one of our 800+ Patient Experts to gain insight before or during your project. Patient Experts have both lived disease experience and professional skills. We can help you find the right expert for your needs.
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Patient-Led Market Research
A revolutionary way to understand patients
merakoi Patient-Led Market Research is designed, conducted, and moderated by trained Patient Experts around your unique needs. Includes qualitative, quantitative research, digital ethnographies and patient landscaping.
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