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We make working with patient experts compliant, simple, impactful… and fun!

Empowering patients to become experts

Our patient experts want to work with healthcare companies. Yet they often lack the awareness and understanding of the industry’s processes and regulations.

They also will not have the breadth of skills or scale to deliver expertise in digital innovation, insights and analytics needed to service global strategic assignments. 

Finally most patient experts lack the resources to set up, develop and market their own business internationally. We offer a variety of services to address these barriers.

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The right patient expert for your project

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Our technological platform allows us to identify key online influencers for specific disease areas. We then screen them for their professional expertise and bring them on board as patient experts. We train them and ensure they have all the skills needed to work on the projects of our healthcare company clients. 


Our patient experts are specialists: both in their disease and in the skills they offer

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Key online influencers

with a variety of roles as founders and moderators of online communities as well as owners of their own social media channels

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Market researchers

with the ability to use our real-life analytics tools, conduct market research, and draw insights from a diversity of patient data


Marketing specialists

with expertise in digital marketing, journalism, communication, scientific concepts, design thinking and user experience

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Content creators

with the ability to produce authentic, compelling content around the patient experience in a variety of digital formats

Removing the barriers that prevent successful collaboration with the industry

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We fully understand the highly regulated environment, healthcare companies operate in. And we educate our patient experts to ensure compliance with healthcare industry standards. All our activities are multi-language, address ethical issues and comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).