Become a merakoi patient expert

Harness both your personal experience and professional expertise to help healthcare companies put patients first.

merakoi patient experts combine disease-specific personal experience with professional experience that’s applicable to healthcare product development and marketing. 

As a merakoi patient expert, you’ll collaborate with global healthcare companies, our in-house healthcare marketing team and other patient experts – to co-create healthcare solutions that make a true difference in your disease community.

Koispace is the secure platform that powers this collaboration.

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« Working with merakoi and their pool of professional patient experts demonstrated to my team why patients should participate even in the early phase of launch strategy development »

Global Commercial Director, Oncology

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Co-create better futures for patients

What you’ll be involved with:

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Patient-led insights

Help healthcare companies better understand the needs of your community, and embed those perspectives into their thinking. Bridge the insights gap between patient communities and healthcare companies.

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Patient-led design

Be part of designing empathetic healthcare solutions that have a tangible impact for the people who matter. Collaborate with healthcare companies and our global team to craft value propositions, formulate engagement strategies and build digital experiences – by patients for patients.

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Patient-led creation

Ensure life-changing solutions stand out – so they speak to the people who will benefit from them most. Translate breakthrough science, diagnostics and therapies into authentic, digital-first content that empowers and educates.

Why collaborate with merakoi?

Three reasons to join our patient expert network

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Scale your influence

Leverage the tools, frameworks, relationships and knowledge our team has built over decades working with healthcare companies. To amplify your voice, adding your unique skills and strengths to projects that have a profound impact for patients worldwide.

Feel valued

Embrace a kinder way of working that celebrates your expertise while respecting your unique challenges and priorities. Projects are guided by what’s best for you – from flexible working and sensitive deadlines to role-sharing. And you’ll always earn market rate for your specialist skills.

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Make collaboration fun

Join a thriving network of hundreds of patient experts across 16 disease areas in 16 countries, working together on high-impact healthcare projects. With merakoi, everyone’s story is heard and valued – to make having an impact rewarding, inspiring and fun.

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Join the merakoi
patient expert network


We’re absolutely committed to protecting your personal information – your trust is our priority.

We don’t disclose your data to third parties for advertising purposes. When we match you with clients we may share your profile but you can review and change any information before we do so.

 You have control over the data you share and you can access, review or delete the data we hold about you at any time.

You can read our full privacy policy here – and if you have questions, our data protection officer, Tom, is happy to help. Reach him at

If you click the ‘Register’ button above, you’ll be taken to a short form. Completing the form means you’re applying to become a merakoi patient expert.

Once you complete the form, we’ll send you an immediate email to confirm your log-in details – then you can log into Koispace and complete your profile telling us about your skills and experience.

After you’ve completed your profile, one of our team will arrange a call with you. We are about understanding your unique story, skills and expertise.

Then when we have a project you’d be a great fit for, we’ll kick-off discussions about getting you involved.

Depending on your areas of expertise and interest, you could work on anything from product development to digital strategy to web design to social media management.  

 merakoi works with healthcare companies on a wide variety of projects related to product development and commercialisation. That might mean conducting patient-led market research, co-developing products or creating campaign content. 

 Our patient experts are typically active in their online disease community and also bring professional expertise that’s highly relevant in the healthcare marketing context. Like… content creation, digital marketing or healthcare-specific expertise.

Once your profile is complete, one of the merakoi team will arrange a call with you. We want to understand your unique story, skills and expertise – and ultimately assess whether merakoi is a good fit for you.

 Once your profile is approved, you’ll be available to consult on assignments.

 Exactly when you start consulting will depend on our current projects. As soon as we have something that would be a great fit for you, we’ll be in touch. Sometimes this is immediate; sometimes it can take a little longer.

 Please bear with us – we’re growing fast but we take time to make sure every project is a real opportunity for our patient experts.

If you’ve got any other questions, email us at and we’ll reply ASAP.