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“The project I worked on gave me the autonomy to express my ideas and make my contribution. The merakoi team was always there for me, giving me instructions and time to work on the tasks. It was really a great growth experience.”
merakoi Patient Expert


A pioneering multinational healthcare company has a clear vision: to evolve today to better meet patients’ needs tomorrow. A patient-first, data-driven approach is critical to realise this vision. The company is revolutionising personalised healthcare, using
patient insights to deliver evidence-based, technology-enabled healthcare solutions that improve patients’ lives.


When this organisation first approached merakoi, the challenge was to understand more about the newly-diagnosed millennial demographic of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients with a view to creating a useful, differentiated digital support solution.


What pain points do these patients have? How do they use digital tools and why? What are these patients’ unmet informational needs? How do digital tools add value for this community? How does this segment’s behaviour and needs differ from other
MS patient demographics? Then, armed with these insights, the organisation wanted to design and deliver a stand-out global digital support program that could deliver new value for millennials living with MS.


Putting patients at the forefront of patient care


merakoi curated a Patient Experience Panel of patient experts within the multiple sclerosis disease area, initially focussed on online influencers and community managers within the millennial multiple sclerosis community.


This panel uncovered deep insights about how millennial MS patients used digital tools throughout their journey and how they searched for information about their condition. Critically, the panel identified the major differentiators to create a standout
solution that would better serve and support patients.


Using these insights, the client collaborated with their panel of patient experts—supported by an in-house merakoi healthcare strategist with 20 years’ experience—to design, build, and refine a global campaign fronted by a powerful website “handbook”. Alongside their MS-specific experience, these patient experts brought a wide range of skills including content creation and marketing strategy.


merakoi patient experts were profoundly involved at every stage of this project, working closely with the client’s creative agency to co-create campaign content.
Patient experts created blog articles, reviewed scientific content for clarity and impact, and produced hundreds of high-quality, authentic photographs reflecting campaign themes of patient empowerment.


This photoshoot was fully virtual and self-led across five geographies—our innovative response to the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on this success, the client then also commissioned a follow-up self-led video shoot to add complementary, authentic patient stories to the campaign.


“I liked that we have a really trusted, open and respectful collaboration that allowed us to bring the best out of the project. I think the quality of patient experts and the mix of people we are working with is fantastic and really helps us to co-create in a meaningful way.”

Global Scientific Comms Lead, Neuroscience


A revolutionary campaign by patients, for patients

Embracing a new standard for patient engagement empowered this pioneering healthcare organisation to build a truly revolutionary digital campaign that changed the narrative around multiple sclerosis for newly diagnosed millennial patients.


The client tackled the stigma of a disease that was widely seen to impede patients’ lives and result automatically in wheelchair use. Instead, they created a knowledge hub that empowered patients to take back control over MS, and maintain independence for longer.


Integrating patient voices from the outset empowered the client to discover deep insights that guided the project from day one. Ongoing insights from patient experts equipped the client to co-design a solution with maximum impact and relevance for the millennial MS community, and test and validate ideas fast to minimise budget risk.
Finally, co-creating content with patient experts was critical to bring the project to life in the most authentic, compelling way.


Ultimately, the campaign website was successfully localised and launched in 5 countries and 6 languages. And most important, the client has received strong, positive feedback from the millennial MS community, building loyalty and brand advocacy.


“Having merakoi as a partner was a great blessing. The team showed powerful empathy, both with the patients and with our team. They have always been able to meet and even exceed our expectations and have always been willing to take action to achieve the ultimate goal of our work: improving patients' lives.”

Neuroimmunology - Scientific Communications & Medical Global Product Development Medical Affairs

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