We bring the patient to the room, at any strategic decision point.

Seamless integration of patient experts

By discovering patients’ unmet needs and patient specific language we enable the development of  healthcare solutions and campaigns that resonate with patients. Our highly collaborative and interactive approach integrates patient voice seamlessly into your company’s processes and your day-to-day operations.

Our virtual collaborative experiences supplement the traditional adboards with a more agile, fit-for-purpose model that can be tailored to your project’s needs and democratizes participation of patient experts regardless of their disease stage and physical location.

Delivers on demand multi-lingual insights from the entire patient community to your project via our insights tools, which are based on millions of real life online conversations

Marketing Lead Global Healthcare Company

« This project validated a new and innovative approach to market research for me: patient-led! Focusing in particular on patient online influencers that could speak for their communities. »

We ensure the timely delivery of your assignment

In order to successfully manage the partnership between our patient experts and your company, our team of experienced healthcare industry professionals works alongside our patient experts on every assignment;  balancing our experts’ professional and personal needs with the assignment deliverables. 

We deliver patient voice in many strategic areas

Harnessing the digital patient journey

Understand patient needs and patient journeys to differential client’s digital solution.

Real-life insights on patient experience

Prioritize patient needs and ‘leap frog’ competitive engagement strategies in a crowded disease market environment.

Campaign design with real-life analytics

Co-design patient campaign around launch of a new support program and test it with audiences using our real-life analytics tool.

Truly patient centric content creation

Design and deliver a modular patient support program optimally adapted to multiple languages, cultures and markets.