Bringing millions of patient voices to the table with real life analytics

Grace - merakoi patient expert

Providing insights from thousands of online stories including my own personal story with MS through merakoi’s insights tool was empowering

A proven, patient-led and data-driven approach

We recruit, qualify and manage professional patient experts to ensure they can work with our real life analytics tool so they can speak not only about their own experience, but about the patient experience as a whole. 

Through machine learning technology, our tool captures and processes real life patient discussions in social media. It then transforms the unstructured patient conversations into structured, disease specific data.

Our highly skilled patient experts:

Ensure this data

is correctly transformed and interpreted

Use a data visualization tool

to effectively present big data samples

Categorize this data

across each step of the patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment to lifestyle to emotion and beyond

Work with this data

to deliver a disease lexicon that translates patient-specific language into language used in the healthcare industry 

and provide answers

to specific patient-related questions from healthcare companies.